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X-Ray Inspection Systems (High Resolution, Real-Time)

Santa Clara, California, USA

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment

  • Phone 408 486 9620

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This system is purpose built for volume inspection in a production environment, either in semiconductor packaging or PCB assembly. With a sample scan area of up to 350 x 530mm, the cabinet can accommodate large samples or trays of components. The HAWK has the same self-contained design and shelving as the COMPACT, however it is available with a wider range of source and imaging configuration to suit specific applications.

  • 2 or 5 µm Focal Spot Transmission Target X-Ray Source, 25 to 160 kV, 0 to 500 µA (non continuous) 10 Watt (5µm) or 20 Watt (2µm)
  • 5kg Capacity 3 axis fully programmable manipulator, 2kg capacity Tilt and Rotate
  • Attachment gives 5 fully programmable axes
  • Maximum scan area 350 x 530mm (310 x 500mm with Tilt and Rotate Attachment)
  • Geometric Magnification up to: 2400x
  • System Magnification up to: 6000x
  • Feature recognition: down to 1 micron
  • External Cabinet Dimensions: 1060mm L, 1350mm D, 1955mm H
  • Full system control and image processing software

Common Applications include: Semiconductor packages, PCB assembly inspection

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