Electro Scientific Industries

Captial equipment for the gobal electronics marketplace


ESI, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, designs and manufactures sophisticated products used around the world in electronics manufacturing including: laser manufacturing systems for semiconductor yield improvement; production and test equipment for the manufacture of surface mount ceramic capacitors; laser trim systems for precise electrical tuning of circuits; precision laser and mechanical drilling systems for electronic interconnection; and machine vision systems.

Electro Scientific Industries is traded on the NASDAQ National Market System under the symbol, "ESIO."

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Laser-Based Methodology for the Application of Glass as a Dielectric and Cu Pattern Carrier for Printed Circuit Boards

Nov 07, 2018 | Joel Schrauben, Cameron Tribe, Christopher Ryder and Jan Kleinert

Glass offers a number of advantages as a dielectric material, such as a low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), high dimensional stability, high thermal conductivity and suitable dielectric constant. These properties make glass an ideal candidate for, among other things, package substrate and high-frequency PCB applications.

We report here a novel process for the production of printed circuit boards and integrated circuit packaging using glass as both a dielectric medium and a platform for wiring simultaneously....

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Electro Scientific Industries Announces Executive Termination

Jun 10, 2003 | ESI announced today that it has terminated the employment of James Dooley

Electro Scientific Industries Announces Management Changes

Apr 16, 2003 | Revises Restatement of First and Second Quarters and Results of Third Quarters of 2003

ESI Names Clive McGovern as European Sales Manager

Jan 31, 2003 | McGovern Joined ESI as Regional Sales Manager in January 2001

ESI Transfers Legacy ("Dynamotion") Mechanical Drilling Service and Parts Business to Excellon

Jan 28, 2003 | In July 2002, ESI Announced Its Decision to Exit the Mechanical Drilling Business

ESI Launches 3D IC Package Inspection System

May 06, 2002 | At SEMICON Singapore 2002

ESI Introduces Embedded Passive Laser Trimming System

Mar 29, 2002 | Allows Manufacturers to Achieve Tighter Tolerances and Increase Functionality

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