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X-Ray Inspection and Rework of Assembled Circuit Boards


Nicolet Imaging Systems (NIS), the world's largest manufacturer of real-time X-ray inspection systems, has combined forces with Sierra Research & Technology (SRT), a leading manufacturer of Automated Rework and Repair Systems for the electronics industry, to provide the most comprehensive line of Inspection and Rework Solutions. NIS/SRT has earned patents and copyrights on a variety of inspection, imaging, and repair and rework solutions advancing their commitment to provide state-of-the-art Inspection & Rework solutions with full sales and technical support anywhere in the world.

Worldwide Distribution and Maintenance Network

With over 1,700 systems in operation, Nicolet Imaging Systems encompasses a worldwide network of distributors and service engineers to provide support right where you do business. Our multinational capabilities make it easy to meet your technical support needs in all test and production facilities, even when they span the globe. Call 1-800-228-1147 (toll free in U.S.) or (619) 635-8696.

Nicolet Imaging Systems Postings

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Advanced Image Processor (AIP)

The AIP is a new Windows NT based Image Processor that surpasses all current industry standards. New functionality includes: * Automatically detects solder balls and voids. * Automatically corrects xray image distortion using dual calibratio...


The NXR-20HR is a major system upgrade over the original NXR20. the HR is a high-resolution, high-magnification (300X) failure analysis tool. This compact Xray inspection machine has a large staging area that accomodates a range of sample component...

Summit 2100 series

The Summit 2100 series is available in 4 versions: The Summit 2100RS (Rework and Scavenging), Summit 2100RD (Rework and Dispensing)Summit 2100S (stand alone Scavenger) and Summit 2100D (standalone dispenser), these systems provide fully automated...

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