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PIAB Vacuum Products of Rockland, MA has been marketing compressed air-driven vacuum pumps and accessories in the United States for more than 15 years. The innovative, multi- characteristic PIAB pump that is the hallmark of the company, is the basic building block of several product systems used in a variety of industries. These pumps are noted for their energy efficiency and versatility in adapting to specific applications. They were originally developed by the Swedish PIAB Company and have been used in the USA for close to 25 years. PIAB is the leader in compressed air-driven vacuum pumps in the USA today. The PIAB organization has expanded substantially and emphasizes technical innovation, customer service and high quality. PIAB products have found broad acceptance in many industries including pharmaceutical, graphics, plastics, electronics, laboratory, woodworking, and the food industry. They are used for robotics, pick-and-place, packaging and material transfer applications.

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Vacuum Pumps

PIAB's compressed air driven vacuum pumps feature many advantages over electro mechanical vacuum pumps including small size, no heat, no noise, no moving parts for virtually no maintenance....

Suction Cups

PIAB�s range of suction cups is among the widest in the market and covers most applications. ...

Reflow Oven