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Consulting design and manufacturing for thru-hole and SMT PCB Designs

Manufacturer's Rep

McMahon Sales Company offers design, fabrication and assembly services for thru-hole and SMT designs. We also offer consulting services for manufacturing defects, DFM and material choice. Resources include quick-turn, medium and high volume production of boards and assemblies utilizing both domestic and off shore suppliers. When the call goes out for a vertically integrated source to serve your PCB demands, we can help!

BGA and m-BGA rework and re-balling Consulting for PCB manufacturing and assembly issues specific to SMT processing

When it comes to service, NO ONE will work harder to meet your request. We have 20 years experience serving the electronic manufacturer and can bring that benefit to you, our client.

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CAD Design

Printed Circuit Lay-Out...

Printed Circuits (DS & ML)

Fast Turn 1 day and out for multi-layer PCB...

Printed Circuits (DS & ML)

Medium to high volume production for DS and ML PCB.s...


Proto and production/consignment ot turn-key assembly ...

Dual Lane Reflow Oven

pcb assembly supplies