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BT-1 Plasma Etching and RIE System

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Manufacturer of surface deposition and plasma surface cleaning and etching equipment offering reliable, repeatable cleaning and etching of PCBs and other materials.

Carson City, Nevada, USA

Manufacturer, Research Institute / Laboratory / School

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BT-1 Plasma Etching and RIE System

BT-1 Plasma Etching and RIE System


BT-1 Plasma Etching and RIE System


Cleaning Equipment

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Plasma Etch, Inc.


BT-1 Plasma Etching and RIE System Description:

Industrial Plasma Cleaning System

When plasma cleaning your product, whether it be small or large plastic parts, medical implants, wafers or electronic components, you will find that all are uniformly treated in the BT-1.

Benefits to you are better adhesion or marking, cleaner parts with less labor and reduced chemical expense by eliminating unwelcome and often expensive chemical waste associated with cleaning and priming. The large all aluminum chamber accommodates a generously sized active plasma cleaning surface, our standard configuration of five levels of processing shelves provides you with 2100 square inches of useable plasma processing area.

The BT-1 comes standard with Touch Screen Controls, which makes processing extremely easy and since your recipes or parameters are stored for future use it's easy to keep production up and running at a standard. User-friendly custom software and programming, the BT-1 is extremely easy to operate. Plasma Etch, Inc. will manufacture the electrodes in a custom configuration to suit the size and spacing of your product at no extra charge.

BT-1 Plasma Cleaning System Features:

Our intuitive and simple to use touch screen interface has control over every aspect of the plasma cleaning process ensuring reliability and repeatability.

The console’s compact footprint takes up very little space for the work it accomplishes and the system is supplied with a vacuum pump especially prepared for oxygen service. The vacuum pump is available with a two point N2 purge system to mitigate the formation of corrosive end products in the pump thus extending the service life and reducing the maintenance cycle of systems using Halogenated gasses.

We can custom configure a systems chamber and electrode to suit your requirement; RIE (Reactive Ion Etch); Semiconductor Lead Frame magazines and rotating horizontal and vertical electrodes.

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