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PE-200 Plasma Etching Benchtop System

PE-200 Plasma Etching Benchtop System

PE-200 Plasma Etching Benchtop System


PE-200 Plasma Etching Benchtop System



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Plasma Etch, Inc.

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Plasma Etch, Inc.

Manufacturer of surface deposition and plasma surface cleaning and etching equipment offering reliable, repeatable cleaning and etching of PCBs and other materials.

Carson City, Nevada, USA

Component Preparation, Contract Manufacturer, Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, Research Institute/Laboratory

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PE-200 Plasma Etching Benchtop System Description:

The PE-200 is our industrial strength bench top plasma etching system and supplied with an oxygen service vacuum pump. This robust, reliable and yet quite affordable system was developed for the busy 24/7 manufacturing firm that cannot have downtime.

Our welded aluminum vacuum chamber encloses a generous 500 square inches of active plasma processing surface. Surface modification with Plasma Etch yields increased bond strength and cleanliness of most any surface material.

Often purchased by small production facilities, research and development labs, testing facilities and universities. Industry users include Biomedical, Dental, Electronics, Light Industrial, Medical, Plastics, Optical, and Solar Panel to name a few.

PE-200 Plasma Etching Benchtop System Features:

Etching our plasma cleaner rather than with chemical baths can eliminate expensive hazardous chemical waste. Our simple to use, intuitive touch screen interface controls every aspect of the plasma process ensuring repeatability.

We will custom configure the chamber and electrode configuration to suit your product or process including custom sized horizontal electrodes, RIE (Reactive Ion Etch) and Semiconductor Lead Frame magazines. Rest assured that Plasma Etch will be there for you as long as you own your system.

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