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PE-100 Plasma Etch Benchtop Plasma System

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Manufacturer of surface deposition and plasma surface cleaning and etching equipment offering reliable, repeatable cleaning and etching of PCBs and other materials.

Carson City, Nevada, USA

Manufacturer, Research Institute / Laboratory / School

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PE-100 Plasma Etch Benchtop Plasma System

PE-100 Plasma Etch Benchtop Plasma System


PE-100 Plasma Etch Benchtop Plasma System



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Plasma Etch, Inc.


PE-100 Plasma Etch Benchtop Plasma System Description:

Compact Plasma Etcher

The PE-100 is a complete system with vacuum pump designed to be reliable yet inexpensive enough to allow startup companies, medical labs and R&D facilities the opportunity to experience Plasma Etch technology.

The all aluminum chamber features over 240 square inches of active processing surface with the three level standard configuration. The clean design features an industrial powder coated frame to guard your processing environment from contamination.

When using the PE-100 as Reactive Ion Etch the electrodes are specially designed for directional plasma, which means the plasma contacts the substrates in a downward flow or drilling effect. This process is primarily used for drilling microvias or cleaning of small variations that are unattainable with chemicals since liquid flow is often restricted in these small spaces, such as vias.

Cleaning with Plasma yields increased uniformity of any surface treated and reduces or eliminates unwanted and often expensive chemical waste. Operation is through a simple to use, intuitive touch screen interface and offer safe and repeatable processes. We offer custom electrode configurations including RIE (Reactive Ion Etch) and process temperature control.

PE-100 Plasma Etch Benchtop System Specification:

Standard System Features

  • 12” X 12” X 12” Welded Aluminum Vacuum Chamber
  • Three 9” x 9” electrode “shelves” on 3” spacing
  • 300 Watt RF generator @ 100khz
  • One O-50cc Mass Flow Controller
  • Pirini Vacuum Gauge. Range 0-1 Torr
  • Microprocessor Control System with Touch Screen, single process
  • Vacuum Pump, Oxygen Service 8 CFM
  • 8 CFM Oxygen service Vacuum pump with mist eliminator

Optional System Features

  • 300 Watt Generator @ 13.56 MHZ
  • Electrostatic Shielding of chamber
  • Process Temperature Control
  • Custom Electrode configurations
  • RIE (Reactive Ion Electrode)
  • Nitrogen or CDA Purge on Vacuum pump

System Specifications

  • Plasma Console 17 “ X 28” X 30” / 160lbs
  • Vacuum Pump 6 “ X 18” X 9” / 68lbs

Facility Requirements

  • AC Service, 120 vac 60 Hz 15A or 220 vac 50 Hz 13A
  • Single Phase
  • Compressed Air Service 80-100 PSI 0.5 CFM
  • Regulated Process Gases 15 PSI, Two stage regulator
  • Less than 85°F Non-Condensing

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