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Manufacturer of indium-based specialty metals and chemicals


A refiner and manufacturer of indium-based products including specialty solders, fusible alloys, sputtering targets, oxides, high purity indium, salts and chemicals. Products are available in wire, ingot, preforms, powder, paste/cream, shot, ribbon, rod and various sizes of cylindrical/planar targets.

Oxides for use in EL lighting and other lighting devices.

Fully Integrated Manufacturer of ITO/ITM
Arconium is a fully integrated manufacturer of ITO/ITM sputtering targets. Services include target bonding and reclaim of spent targets.


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ITM/ITO sputtering Targets

For various coating applications (CRTs, LCD's, etc.)....

Indium Hyroxide/Indium Acetate

For alkaline batteries....

Indium-based specialty solders

For soldering to precious metals, thermal fatigue compliant, low temperature step soldering, lead free solutions available....

High Purity Indium

Semiconductor manufacturing and sealing applications...

IPC Certification Training Schedule

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