Electronics CAE/CAD/CAM Software, Services and Training.

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CADware sells engineering software used to develp and analyze electrical schematics and to layout, fabricate, assemble and test printed circuit boards. We assist our customers in evaluating and selecting software products to increase their productivity, offer training to assure successful use of the software, offer services using our software to assist customers and provide support to assure that our customer is successfully using software. The range of software products we offer allows a customer to deal with a single organization for all its software and service needs related to the design and manufacture of electronic products.

Tenth Anniversary - 1999
Three offices located in Newport Beach,CA San Diego,CA and Colorado Springs,CO

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PCB Design

Printed Circuit Board Design Services - specializing in high-speed digital designs, high-density interconnect designs using build-up technology and power supply designs ...

Chip Packaging

Substrate design used for the packaging of IC chips...

Data Conversion

Conversion of data from Gerber to CAD files or assembly and test machine files ...

Assembly & Test Machine Programming

Creating assembly machine programs from CAD, Gerber or PCB Design Program files...

 Reflow System

Benchtop Fluid Dispenser