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CYBERSOLV® C8508 - Spray Cleaner for Reflow Ovens

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A leading supplier of precision cleaning chemistries to the worldwide electronics, metal finishing, medical, semiconductor, and optical industries.

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CYBERSOLV® C8508 - Spray Cleaner for Reflow Ovens

CYBERSOLV® C8508 - Spray Cleaner for Reflow Ovens


CYBERSOLV® C8508 - Spray Cleaner for Reflow Ovens


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CYBERSOLV® C8508 - Spray Cleaner for Reflow Ovens Description:

CYBERSOLV® C8508 is the latest generation spray cleaner for reflow ovens and general equipment maintenance cleaning. CYBERSOLV® C8508 has been tested on the toughest baked on flux residues with great success and has proven effective on the latest lead free flux.

  • Safe on Aluminum, Copper and Brass
  • Worker Safe
  • Effective on Latest Lead Free Flux

CYBERSOLV® C8508 is a non-flammable solvent maintenance cleaning fluid designed to remove flux residues from reflow oven surfaces, wave soldering fingers and pallets. Metal spring loaded fingers are used to hold and track printed circuit boards over a solder bath during the wave soldering process. Prior to soldering, liquid fluxes are applied to the bottom side of the circuit board using foaming and spray application methods. Overspray from the liquid fluxes adheres to wave fingers and pallets. Over time, the over spray flux must be cleaned.

CYBERSOLV® C8508 solvency make-up is engineered with a mixture of oxygenated solvents and water. The solvents are specifically selected based on their affinity for rosin, no-clean and water soluble wave solder flux residues. Wave soldering machines are equipped with a fluid chamber and brushes to removed flux residues following the soldering process. CYBERSOLV® C8508 is used full strength. The composition dissolves the flux residues and dries evenly without the need for a rinse.

CYBERSOLV® C8508 is also effective at cleaning wave soldering pallets. The product is designed to be full strength in immersion systems using spray-under-immersion or ultrasonic agitation. The product is effective at ambient temperatures. If the residues are burnt or charred, heating the solution to 50-60°C improves cleaning performance. Following the cleaning step, the pallets should be rinsed with DI water and dried.


CYBERSOLV® C8508 is available in 1, 5 gallon (5, 25 liters) containers, 16oz (500ml) Spray Bottle, Pre-Saturated Wipes.

Environmental Regulations:

CYBERSOLV® C8508 is a non-hazardous, biodegradable aqueous solution. It contains no CFC’s or HAP’s.

Free Cleaning Trials and Process Optimizations:

Kyzen will conduct free trials at your factory or one of our global Applications Laboratories in North America, Asia or Europe. Our engineers and lab technicians have developed, optimized and evaluated thousands of customer cleaning processes over the last twenty years. Kyzen’s Applications Labs are unrivaled in the industry and staffed with experts that have an average of thirty years technical experience.

CYBERSOLV® Family of Cleaning Chemistries

CYBERSOLV® products have been specially formulated for superior performance in benchtop, stencil and maintenance cleaning. Whether for rework, oven cleaning or stencil cleaning Cybersolv will outperform anything in its class.

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