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RoadRunner3 Inline Flash Programmer

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Data I/O is the world's leading provider of manual and automated programming solutions for semiconductor (IC) devices. Data I/O's solutions, software and programming engine ensures devices are programmed correctly every time.



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RoadRunner3 Inline Flash Programmer

RoadRunner3 Inline Flash Programmer


RoadRunner3 Inline Flash Programmer


Component Programming

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Data I/O Corporation


RoadRunner3 Inline Flash Programmer Description:

RoadRunner3 with Factory Integration Software modules FIS Remote and FIS Track allows customers to manage and monitor the programming process.

RoadRunner3 is the world's only high speed automated just-before-placement inline programming solution that mounts directly onto an SMT machine without consuming additional floor space or altering the production line.  Versatile and configurable, RoadRunner3 easily integrates into your existing SMT processes.  By removing unprogrammed Flash memory and Microcontroller devices from tape, the RoadRunner3 programs four devies in parallel and then delivers the programmed parts to the pickup point of the placement machine.

RoadRunner3 streamlines the production process and eliminates operator errors through its connection to a firm's manufacturing execution system (MES) or other shop-floor control software and through that connection all the way to the firm's enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

  • Eliminate operator errors
  • Manage programming process
  • Reduce costs
  • Configurable to SIPLACE, Panasonic, Fuji and MYDATA SMT

Eliminates Operator Error

  • Automated job selection and download
  • Integrates into factory processes
  • Reduces scrap
  • Integrates into factory processes

Monitored Productivity

  • Integrates into MES/QMS software
  • Ensures traceability
  • Tracks Yield


  • Adapts to multiple SMT machines
  • Adjustable Tape-In Module supports 16-44 mm tape size
  • Flash memory and Microcontroller device support

Monitor and Manage Programming at a Single Station:

You can now integrate programming into your MES/QMS process with RoadRunner3 Factory Integration Software modules FIS Remote and FIS Track. FIS Remote offers automated job selection and download to ensure that correct data is programmed into the correct device on each line. FIS Track gives you remote visibility into performance so you can act immediately to changes in yield. RoadRunner3 Software connects you directly to production or SMT software to enable data-driven decision making.

FIS Remote provides remote control of RoadRunner3 programming commands and job downloads. Receive system alerts by e-mail so you know the minute RoadRunner3 requests attention.

FIS Track provides performance feedback that supports traceability requirements. Collect data for each programmed device including time and date, programming job name, Socket Adapter number, programming algorithm, and error information.

RoadRunner3 Reduces Errors, Risk, and Cost:

RoadRunner3’s FIS Remote software provides simplicity and accessibility that reduce risk and operator error. Remote job selection eliminates job card management. FIS Track tracks yield and sends alerts when yield drops, further minimizing scrap and cost. Repeat customer orders for RoadRunner attest to its proven record of reliability and lowest programming cost per device.

Configurable and Versatile:

In this re-invention of RoadRunner™ - the trusted, inline, just-in-time Flash programmer that fits into a tape-feeder slot, reduces WIP and eliminates inventory - RoadRunner3 can be configured to various SMT models just by adding an interface kit. With these kits, RoadRunner3 adapts to popular SMT models such as SIPLACE, Panasonic, Fuji, and MYDATA. Also, the Tape-In Module can be configured to accept
four device tape sizes (16, 24, 32, and 44 mm), eliminating the need to stock multiple modules. With a single Tape-In Module, changeover time between jobs with different device sizes is significantly reduced.

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