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A world-class institution, Binghamton University offers students a broad, interdisciplinary education with an international perspective and one of the most vibrant research programs in the nation.

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The Watson School of Engineering at Binghamton University offers several nationally and internationally recognized engineering symposia on an annual basis. These programs are designed as instructional courses and address emerging technologies and issues in their respective discipline. Practicing engineers, researchers, technical professionals and managers derive vital knowledge from these programs.

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Evaluating Soldering Irons for Lead Free Assembly -A Quantitative Approach

Sep 06, 2006 | Purnanand G. Samant, Srikanth Poranki, & Daryl Santos, Ph.D,

Transition to lead free solder stations in electronics packaging has raised issues regarding process, metallurgy and reliability m assemblies. In regards to soldering, lead has been used for thousands of years in a wide range of applications. Conventional eutectic or near eutectic tin-lead solder compositions have been used for virtually all soldering applications in electronics assembly for the last 50 years, In the electronics assembly process, a majority of commercial rework applications and some low density board assembly processes require hand soldering stations (...) This paper describes an attempt to quantify both qualitative and quantitative data that can aid in the evaluation of lead free soldering irons....

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