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FactoryLogix - Manufacturing Execution (MES) Software

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Developers of State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Enterprise Automation Software

Horsham, Pennsylvania, USA

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FactoryLogix - Manufacturing Execution (MES) Software

FactoryLogix - Manufacturing Execution (MES) Software


FactoryLogix - Manufacturing Execution (MES) Software



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Aegis Industrial Software Corporation


FactoryLogix - Manufacturing Execution (MES) Software Description:

Leap Forward to an Integrated Suite of Software Modules and Devices that Adapt to and Improve Every Aspect of Your Manufacturing Operations.

FactoryLogix is an integrated suite of software modules and devices that adapt to and improve every aspect of your manufacturing operations. Built from the ground up, FactoryLogix merges state-of-the-art technology with unparalleled manufacturing knowledge and industry expertise to deliver a solution that redefines the very concept of MES.

Leveraging Aegis’ 16 years of software development experience, FactoryLogix manages the entire manufacturing information environment: from product launch, to material logistics, through manufacturing execution, to operations analytics and real-time dashboard systems. This holistic solution yields unprecedented product, process, and materials traceability as well as the data fulfillment and visibility manufacturers need for competitive improvement.

FactoryLogix Modules and Capabilities


FactoryLogix NPI


FactoryLogix Logistics


FactoryLogix Production


FactoryLogix Analytics


FactoryLogix Integration


FactoryLogix Devices

Fast, simple, controlled production preparation even for large groups of engineers working in tandem.

Optimize and assure material flow & monitoring from the warehouse to the lines and back.

Controlled process execution, quality, test, monitoring and routing factory-wide.

User configured reports, real time dashboards, operations dashboards, and mobile analytics

Service oriented architecture for third party user interfaces and bridges to other software systems.

Line setup, monitoring, and control specifically designed for SMT machines and process.

What can FactoryLogix do for your operations?

Saves Time, Simplifies NPI, Eliminates NPI Chaos - Simple, fast, and guided NPI process from CAD and BOM through a complete work package.

Increases Efficiency and Competitiveness - Guided and monitored NPI process across large multi-user groups for ensuring launch to production is on schedule, and to keep customers informed of progress.

Saves Money - User-customizable GUI, user designed dashboards and reports, and user-defined process and verification modeling reduces or eliminates the need for costly customization and speeds time-to-value through quick deployments.

Supports Any Form of Discrete Manufacturing without Customization - Supports any type of process, PCB, mechanical, box build, fast moving goods, as well as large assembly such as aerospace and satellite.

Industry-Specific Capabilities - Scheduling, warehouse, MSD, LED Binning, PLC control and data acquisition, equipment wear prediction and service, and aerospace assembly validation, FDA Part 11 and GMP3 compliance.

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