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The Flo-master BGA/SMT rework and repair system is a fully integrated dual, top and bottom heat system designed to handle ceramic BGA's, military type boards and commercial applications requiring an efficient level of power versus temperature...


Sniper Flo-master

The Sniper SMD-7007 combines the reflow operation of the Flo-master with the latest technology in optic and alignment design. It provides absolute control in positioning all ultra fine pitch QFP, CSP, BGA, uBGA, Large Ceramic or plastic BGA devices...

Sniper Flo-master


From plastic sockets to ceramic BGA components, the Chipmaster Rework system provides a controlled environment, which cares for your repair process. Features simple operation with "Timed" process control and selected thermal profiling...



An affordable, totally integrated system for "SMT" rework and repair....

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