Impell Purification Technologies

Solder fume and process exhaust filtration for ovens, wave solder units, etc. Filter Units and hood

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment

Air purification solutions for * hand soldering, solvent vapors, etc. * exhaust fume filtration of ovens / wave units / aqueous cleaners, etc. * reduction of dross dust during wave solder maintenance

Filter units for laser marking and cutting.

Expertise and Experience
IMPELL specializes in fume filtration for the electronics industry only. We are familiar with all processes and operations in electrnics assembly. By eliminating hard ductwork, we enhence flexibility of the production line layout.

Impell Purification Technologies Postings

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F1200 Series / F3000 Series

Portable filter unit with HEPA / Activated Carbon filtration for airflows up to 400 cfm. Flexible exhaust arms and exhaust hoods. Optional HEPA after-filter for clean-room applications....

F8200 Series

Filter units with airflows up to 2000 cfm to filter and recirculate process exhaust from wave solder units, reflow ovens, etc. Provides excellent flexibility and eliminates venting to the outside....

F5200 Series

Portable filter unit w/ flexible exhaust arm or hood to reduce dross dust exposure during dedrossing of wave solder units....


Downdraft table for the preventive maintenance of wave solder units. Provides working area to clean pumps, ducts and other parts. Reduces dross dust exposure to workers....

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