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Indium Solder Wire

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Solder pastes, solder preforms, solder spheres, soldering fluxes, electrically-conductive adhesives. All alloys: tin-lead, lead-free, indium alloys, and more.

Utica, New York, USA


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Indium Solder Wire

Indium Solder Wire


Indium Solder Wire


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Indium Corporation


Indium Solder Wire Description:

Solder Wire from the Indium Corporation is made to demanding quality standards. Our flexible manufacturing process allows us to fulfill orders from evaluation/research quantities to full scale production volumes.

Indium Solder Wire Diameters

We make a wide range of wire diameters. One of the most requested sizes is .030" (~.76mm) but our capabilities range from .001" (0.025mm) diameter to .250" (6.35mm) and larger. Actual dimensions achievable are subject to the properties of each metal.

Indium Corporation makes pure indium wire and indium alloy wire. The addition of other elements to indium, like silver or tin, can drastically change the physical properties of the wire. In some cases these changes allow us to extrude it as small as .001” in diameter, increase or decrease the alloy’s melting point, and/or change the alloy’s hardness. Our general minimum diameter on pure indium wire is .010”, however, please speak to an applications engineer for other solutions or a best effort evaluation order.

We have developed standard tolerances but can work with you to accommodate any special requirements. Standard tolerances are:



up to .020" (~.5 mm)

+/-.001" (~.025mm)

.021" (~.52mm) to .060" (~1.52mm)

+/-.002" (~.050mm)

.061" (~1.55mm) to .250" (~6.35mm)

+/-.003" (~.076mm)

over .250" (~6.35mm)

+/-.005" (~.127mm)

Each order can be shipped with Certificate of Analysis which includes information on metallic impurities. We can also provide a Certificate of Conformance when wire is made to customer specifications. Material Safety Data Sheets are also available.

Available Solder Wire Materials

There are over 100 alloys that can be made into wire. Melting temperatures range from 47° (117°) to over 364° (687°). Included are pure indium and indium alloys, lead-free alloys, gold/tin, tin/lead and bismuth alloys as well as many other combinations. We can also custom design alloys for your application. Please request our Indalloy® Specialty Solders and Alloys Catalog for a complete listing.

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