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SACM™ Soldering Alloy

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Solder pastes, solder preforms, solder spheres, soldering fluxes, electrically-conductive adhesives. All alloys: tin-lead, lead-free, indium alloys, and more.

Utica, New York, USA


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SACM™ Soldering Alloy

SACM™ Soldering Alloy


SACM™ Soldering Alloy


Solder Materials

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Indium Corporation


SACM™ Soldering Alloy Description:

Superior Drop Shock Performance AND Thermal Cycling Reliability

Current Industry Dilemma

The standard set of Pb-free alloys has a dramatic trade-off between thermal cycling and drop testing. Additionally, all these SAC alloys are far inferior to SnPb relative to drop test performance.

The Solution

Indium Corporation has developed an alloy called SACM™. This alloy consists of 97.5–98.5% Sn, 0.5–1.0% Ag, 0.5–1.0% Cu, and dopant levels of Mn. SACM™ provides the optimal balance of drop test vs. thermal cycling and cost vs. reliability.

The invention of SACM™ offers superior drop shock performance versus SAC305 and SAC105, with the added benefit of thermal cycling reliability equivalent to SAC305. This provides manufacturers with an affordable high-reliability SAC alloy. This development is especially meaningful for the manufacture of consumer electronics that normally see frequent handling, such as mobile devices.

SACM™ is doped with manganese and contains less silver than other Pb-free alloys. Manganese provides increased strength and the reduced silver content provides a more stable cost structure, especially beneficial for cost-sensitive applications.

SACM™ Soldering Alloy Highlighs:

Ideal for miniaturized components and fine-pitch assembly

  • Designed especially for CSP, 0201, and 01005 components

First-class printing performance

  • Excellent print transfer through tiny apertures with area ratios <0.66
  • Long stencil life and forgiving response-to-pause
  • High component retention tack prevents components from shifting

Robust reflow performance

  • Wide process window for flexible reflow profiling
  • Optimal wetting to all common surface finishes

Resists voiding

  • Low voiding (<5%) for BGAs with via-in-pad technology

Indium Corporation's Solder Paste and Powders

Indium Corporation manufactures high quality solder powders and pastes. Powders are available in hundreds of alloys and a full range of sizes. Solder pastes can be made from these powders using a wide variety of flux vehicles to get the best fit for your application. Specialized pastes are available for printing, dipping, dispensing, and package-on-package (PoP) assembly.

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