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NanoFoil® Multi-Layer Bonding Material

NanoFoil® Multi-Layer Bonding Material

NanoFoil® Multi-Layer Bonding Material


NanoFoil® Multi-Layer Bonding Material



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Indium Corporation

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Indium Corporation

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NanoFoil® Multi-Layer Bonding Material Description:

NanoFoil® reactive multi-layer foil is a controllable and affordable bonding material, proven to lower manufacturing costs while providing repeatable and reliable bonds.

NanoFoil® is a reactive multi-layer foil that provides instantaneous heat for a variety of applications in many industries (semiconductor, aerospace, automobile, electronics, biomedical and defense markets). NanoFoil® is a predictable, controllable and affordable material that is industry accepted and proven to lower manufacturing costs while providing repeatable and reliable bonds and reactions.

This reactive multi-layer foil is fabricated by vapor-depositing thousands of alternating nanoscale layers of Aluminum (Al) and Nickel (Ni). When activated by a small pulse of local energy from electrical, optical or thermal sources, the foil reacts exothermically to precisely deliver localized heat up to temperatures of 1500°C in fractions (thousandths) of a second.

Benefits of NanoFoil®

  • Instantaneous soldering at room temperature
  • No thermal damage - components not exposed to reflow temperatures
  • Fluxless
  • Compatible with all solders
  • Environmentally friendly, Pb free, and RoHS compliant
  • No license fees
  • Elimination of expensive reflow equipment
  • Easy to ignite with heat, electrical or laser pulse
  • Electrically conductive
  • Minimal pressure required
  • Safe and shipped around the world daily
  • 10x drop in thermal resistance over conventional thermal interface materials
  • Available in any 2D shape
  • Compatible with all Pick and Place equipment

Applications of NanoFoil®

Electronics Assembly - NanoFoil® is used to melt adjoining solder layers and join components together without exposing components to reflow temperatures. Better yet, the joining process is simple and fast. The process is performed in air and at room temperature, it has no flux requirement, and it is completed in fractions of a second with no reflow equipment.

Sputtering Target Bonding - NanoFoil®, a nanotechnology material, is used to simplify the sputtering target bonding process in a process called NanoBonding®. NanoBonding allows target bonders and target manufacturers to make reliable and repeatable bonds while increasing margins and lower capex.

Thermal Management - The NanoBond® process can be used to solder a component, circuit board or a heat spreader directly to a heat sink to achieve thermal performance that is 6 to 8 times better than that of polymer-based TIM

Energetics - NanoFoil® is well-suited for energetics applications such as propellant ignition, munitions and circuit protection applications. NanoFoil®, which is available in sheets, powders and particles, utilizes controlled, localized heat, and can be engineered to deliver a broad range of reaction temperatures, reaction rates and reaction energies.

Forms of NanoFoil®

Sheets - Common foil thicknesses are 40um, 60um and 80um and range in sizes from 4” x 5” up to 43.5” x 9”. Other thicknesses with higher reaction energy are also available. Users can simply cut the foil sheets to the desired size using various methods

Preforms - Nanofoil® preforms are frequently used as a heat source for soldering components to various substrates. When sandwiched between two or more components to be joined, either using solder pre-coated components, or using solder-plated NanoFoil® and components with solderable surfaces, NanoFoil® uniformly and precisely delivers a significant amount of heat energy across the entire area, melting the solder and creating an instantaneous bond at room temperature.

Powders and Particles - Powders and particles can be manufactured to specific requirements to control the heat, reaction velocity and ignition threshold.


NanoBond® is Indium Corporation's patented process for bonding components utilizing NanoFoil®. Activated by a small pulse of energy, in a fraction of a second, NanoFoil® delivers the necessary amount of heat and energy to reflow solder or braze and create a strong, true metallic joint. The process enables high strength, high conductivity bonds between most combinations of materials making it ideal for many joining and assembly operations.

Indium Corporation has developed and tailored its patented NanoBond® process with each of its customers in mind. The multilayer foil is placed between two components to be bonded, along with two layers of solder, either pre-applied to the components or freestanding. Pressure is applied to prevent the components from moving, and the chemical reaction between the Al and Ni layers in the foil is activated. Heat from the NanoFoil®'s reaction melts the solder or brazed layers and enables metallic bonding at room temperature in fractions (thousandths) of a second.

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