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Mouser Electronics

Distributor of electronic components and electromechanical devices


Mouser�s web site has expanded it�s capabilities to meet the growing needs of our customers. We believe that you will find the Mouser web site informative and helpful with your purchases. Our website features: Secure online ordering; Product search; Complete line card; Spec sheets; and Search by part number, keyword, cross-reference, or manufacturer. In addition, you can also check on the current availability and price of the products you wish to order.

switches, transformers, inductors, wire and cable assemblies, electrical connectors, fuses and fuse holders, power semiconductors, speakers, microphones, single-layer printed circuit boards, LEDs, potentiometers, heat sinks, microprocessor crystals, infrared optos, diodes, incandescent lamps, switching and linear power supplies, sockets, fans, panel meters, cabinets, batteries, battery holders, battery clips, battery chargers, magnetizer, memory, microcontrollers, microprocessors, microwave devices, modem modules, Mosfets, adapters, adhesives, alternistors, antennas, anti-static equipment, anti-static spray, arrestors, attenuators, audible signal devices, auto power plugs, D-Sub backshells, barrier terminal blocks, braid, breadboards, molded breakouts, bumpers, strain relief bushings, buzzers, chemicals, ceramic resonators, chokes and coils, circuit boards, circuit breakers, clock oscillators, consoles, temperature controls, converters, crimping tools, crystal filters, current limiters, demagnetizer, diacs, dials, display modules, earphones, electrical tapes, enclosures, encoders, EPROM erasers, EPROM programmers, extender cards, extraction tools, etching supplies, eyelets, fans and accessories, ferrite beads, filters, flashlight, flashtubes solder flux, gender changers, generators, grommets, grommeting, ground lugs, handles, hardware, headers, heat guns, heat shrink tubing, heat sink, hole plugs, D-sub hoods, hook and loop fasteners, indicators, inductors, infrared detectors, integrated circuits, inverter, I/O modules, jacks, rectifiers, and relays

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