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PCB Practice Boards and Kits

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An international distributor of mechanical IC samples or "dummy" components, SMD production tools and equipment

Los Alamitos, California, USA

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PCB Practice Boards and Kits

PCB Practice Boards and Kits


PCB Practice Boards and Kits



Offered by:

Practical Components, Inc.


PCB Practice Boards and Kits Description:

PC boards and kits for machine set-up and calibration, hand solder training, rework, practice, testing and more along with a drawing of each PCB.

Practical has a PCB board or kit to meet your requirements. BGA Fine Pitch, Global Daisy-Chain or Variable Pitch, BGA Kits, Flip Chip Test Die, FR4 CBGA Kits, Mixed Technology, MLF Test Kits, Omni Training Kits, SMTA Saber, PC003,PC008,Zero-Ohm SMD and Custom Boards

We offer custom designed boards and kits, and have also formed a partnership with Aegis Industrial Software to bring our customers digitized machine programs.

PC Boards and Kits

  • PC052 B52 CRET Cleanliness & Residue Evaluation Test Kit
  • PC009-40 Aegis Traceability & Control Validation Kit
  • Kit Identifier (component part/kit numbers)
  • AIM Print Test Board and Kit
  • Pb-Free HASL PCB Finish
  • Custom PC Practice Boards and Kits
  • CircuitCAM Software-Aegis
  • Single Pack Hand Solder Kits
  • PC000 Zero-Ohm SMD Resistor PCB/ Kit
  • PC003 Solder Practice PCB/Kit
  • PC005 BGA Variable Pitch and Array PCB/Kit
  • PC007 MLF® Test PCB/Kit
  • PC008 Solder Practice PCB/Kit
  • PC009 Mixed Technology PCB/Kit
  • PC011 BGA Fine Pitch PCB/Kit
  • SMTA Saber Evaluation PCB/Kit
  • PC012 BGA Global Daisy-Chain Test Kit
  • PC013 Though-Hole Solder Training Kit
  • PC014 IPC 9850 Attribute Defect Rate Kit
  • PC015 Rework Kits
  • PC016 IPC Compliant Hand Soldering Kit
  • PC020 Practical SMT Kit
  • PCB 049- Indium MT/PTH Mixed Technology Board and Kit
  • PC200 PoP 14mm Board & Kit-Amkor
  • PC200 PoP 12mm Board & Kit-Amkor
  • PCB200 15mm Thermal Cycle Board
  • PCB200 15mm Drop Test Board
  • PCB310 Flip Chip Board - Pac Tech
  • SIR Test board and Kit
  • WTK-1 Terminal and Wire Kit
  • PC031 Lead-Free Process Capability Validation Kit-Cookson
  • Flip Chip Test Die Kits-FlipChip Int'l
  • µBGAPC Boards and Kits-Tessera
  • Omni Training Kits
  • Laser Cut Metal Mask Stencils

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