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Industry leader in back-end assembly for the semiconductor industry.

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment

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VAi 3150 High Volume Ball Placement System

To meet the increased demand for high throughput processing of these advanced packages, RVSI Vanguard is launching the next generation of ball placement systems - the VAi 3150....

VAi 3150 High Volume Ball Placement System


Through a unique design, the WS-2000 provides both bump metrology measurement and defect detection using a powerful combination of 2-D and 3-D inspection technologies....


DMx Verifier+, Data Matrix Symbol Verification System.

Quantifies mark quality for printed, etched, peened, or ink-jet-marked Data Matrix symbols on any material....


The ST-595-1 is a fully automated inspection and media transfer system....


The LS-7700 is the only end-of-line package inspection system that offers measurement of all JEDEC-specified mechanical parameters, mark inspection and defect detection over the entire range of all devices - including leaded, leadless and grid array....


The ST-585 device inspection and taping system is a highly configurable system which delivers high UPH for a wide-range of current device types, yet is readily adaptable for new packages coming to market. For more information on RVSI's tape-and-reel...

VAi 3150

The VAi 3150 is a fully automated ball placement system. For more information on RVSI's ball attach solutions, contact RVSI's Vanguard division....

Machine Vision and Lighting

RVSI Acuity CiMatrix, the inventor of Data Matrix� symbology and Code 128, is a world leader in providing machine vision systems, bar code, and advanced two-dimensional symbology readers for manufacturing and distribution environments. RVSI Acuity Ci...

Flux-Free Reflow Soldering

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