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Manufacturer of convection reflow ovens, vapor phase ovens, convection curing, and IR curing ovens.


Rehm Thermal Systems GmbH is setting new international standards in the development of inert gas reflow soldering systems and the design of customer-specific applications for economical electronic PCB manufacturing. An ongoing R&D dialog with a rapidly changing marketplace, as well as the combination of creativity, competence and personal commitment, are the basis for success at Rehm Thermal Systems GmbH.

Founded in the year 1990, Rehm has since become one of the leading suppliers of manufacturing technology to the electronics industry.

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Compact and SMS Tunnel Reflow Ovens

rehm's "Compact" and "SMS" series of full convection reflow ovens is now available in North America. Modular design principles allow virtually any combination of heating and cooling sections, as well as conveyor and process-atmosphere sub systems....

VRS Vertical Reflow System

VRS ovens incorporate rehm�s �captured fixture� design to achieve full-scale production using 75% less floor space, producing world-class results and generating the industry's fastest ROI....

RDS Curing and Drying Systems

For curing and drying requirements, rehm�s RDS series is available with completely customized heating and cooling lengths. Our modular design concept allows us to outfit the RDS with any combination of heating (Convection and/or IR), cooling, and UV...

Curing Equipment

VSS Vacuum Soldering Systems

VSS vacuum soldering systems are available for the ultimate in semiconductor or MCM soldering. For any soldering requirement from vacuum, to nitrogen-inert to forming gas, the VSS provides complete control over the process environment....

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Rehm announces new European distributors

Oct 12, 2011 | Rehm Thermal Systems has confirmed the appointment of two new European distributors, enhancing the accessibility of its popular product range for customers in this region.

Rehm Thermal Systems teams up with Siemens CT to tackle component complexities

Jun 16, 2011 | Rehm Thermal Systems recently joined forces with Siemens CT in Berlin to deliver the third Berlin Technology Forum. Held on 31st May 2011 in the German capital, the successful event was themed around the subject of ‘new components’ and aimed to guide attendees through the complexities of processing QFNs and LEDs.

Rehm to showcase convection & condensation soldering expertise at Apex

Mar 17, 2011 | Rehm Thermal Systems is preparing to showcase its advanced thermal technologies at this year’s Apex exhibition, being held in Las Vegas from 12th – 14th April. As the only single source for convection and condensation soldering systems, Rehm will be demonstrating its unique capabilities from Booth 635.

Rehm Thermal Systems will showcase advanced drying and firing processes for Solar Cell Metallization at SNEC

Apr 12, 2010 | Advanced processes for the drying and firing of solar cell metallization will be center stage at Rehm Thermal Systems’ booth at the SNEC International Photovoltaic Power Generation conference and Exhibition in Shanghai May 5-7. Key members of the Rehm team will be on hand at Booth 5021/2 and will explain to visitors ways in which to increase their cell yield and efficiency.

Rehm Thermal Systems sign agreement with DPI SRL as new representative for condensation soldering systems in Italy.

Mar 27, 2010 | Rehm Thermal Systems continue its global expansion program with the announcement of a new partnership agreement. DPI SRL situated in Cassano d'Adda will now handle the distribution of Rehm's Condenso condensation soldering systems in Italy.

Enhanced reflow cooling technology introduced by Rehm Thermal Systems

Mar 15, 2010 | Rehm Thermal Systems has introduced new cooling zone designs for their Vision Series convection reflow ovens. The new technology is particularly effective for the homogenous cooling of large thermal mass PCBs.

Rehm Thermal Systems opens new Applications Center in Roswell, Ga.

Feb 22, 2010 | Rehm Thermal Systems has moved into a new Applications Center which will serve their North America marketplace. Located in the Atlanta suburb of Roswell, the new facility is designed to provide Rehm customers everything needed to characterize their convection and condensation reflow processes.

Rehm Thermal Systems drive energy efficiency to unlock cost-of-ownership advantage

Nov 03, 2009 | Rehm Thermal Systems has reduced the cost-of-ownership of the formation of reliable solder joints for customers around the world. Driven by a commitment to energy efficiency that characterises products such as the VisionXP reflow system, Rehm’s cost-of-ownership advantage is the direct result of low energy consumption values.

Rehm Thermal Oxidation Process safeguards PV metallization yields

Oct 26, 2009 | A new thermal oxidation process from Rehm Thermal Systems has eliminated the challenge of residue contamination from photovoltaic metallization. In order to minimise maintenance and provide a cleaner process chamber, Rehm has innovatively implemented a proven method of thermal oxidation to enhance the performance of its RDS Drying Systems.

Rehm Thermal Systems will highlight advanced soldering & solar solutions at Productronica, booth A4.341

Oct 13, 2009 | As the world’s leading exhibition for electronics manufacturing, Productronica 2009 delivers an ideal platform for Rehm Thermal Systems to showcase its range of Convection and Condensation as well as Vacuum Condensation Systems, along with a live demonstration of its popular Pyrolysis residue management technology. The Rehm team will also reveal solar equipment or the metallization line at the show, being held in Munich from November 10th – 13th.

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