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Permalex Edge® SMT Printing Metal Squeegee Blades

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Transition Automation, Inc.

Transition Automation is a pioneering company which develops and sells advanced Permalex Edge Metal Squeegees for SMT printing, and also precision SMT printing systems.

Tyngsboro, Massachusetts, USA

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment

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Permalex Edge® SMT Printing Metal Squeegee Blades Description:

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Permalex Edge Metal Squeegees feature a spring-steel base material with a teflon infused coating. They are polished and ground straight. Permalex blades are available from stock, and may be ordered with Transition Automation's unique Universal Holder.

Maximize Your Micro-Electronics Printing Results

Transition's patented Universal Holder design gives you outstanding functionality, ergonomics and choices that enable you to achieve greater performance and profitability on your SMT line.

Permalex Edge Metal Squeegees are a premium brand of metal squeegee used for SMT and Microelectronics printing applications. This leading product incorporates many customer needs such as long service life, improved printing quality, ease of use and ease of ordering.

Permalex Edge Squeegees directly support your lead-free process by assuring maximum print quality despite the reduced wetting and joining performance of lead-free materials. Furthermore, the long life of Permalex blades reduces wasteful material maintenance and down-time cycles.

  • Lightweight, low profile holders reduce paste sticking and handling damage
  • Spring steel base metal assures many thousands of flexures without failure
  • Accurate blade referencing insures your setup quality
  • Color choice add visual ergonomics and helps you segregate materials
  • Permanent product ID helps you to track and repeat your high quality processes
  • The Permalex Infused Teflon Edge reduces friction and wear - keeping your squeegees and stencils in top condition
  • Adjust blade thickness and/or angle easily with product codes for intrusive paste in hole or other special applications
  • Sliding paste retainers enable you to reconfigure these advanced holders for smaller/larger squeegee sizes saving time, money and storage space
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed by our extensive product experience, our no-questions-asked 30-day guarantee, and easy phone/fax/internet access to expert customer service.

Why Permalex?

Permalex Technology

Permalex Technology

Permalex® is a multi-step metallurgical bonding process which produces a smooth, durable metal squeegee with a hard, low-friction edge designed to prevent stencil wear. Permalex Edge Metal Squeegees contain a unique base alloy and our special Permalex coating to provide superior performance.

Common Problems with Rubber Squeegees

Common Problems with Rubber Squeegees

Note the scavenging, pumping and deformation to the solder deposit as a result of using rubber blades.

Paste Deposits using Standard Polymer Blades

Better Results with Permalex

Permalex blades avoid the common scavenging and deformation to solder paste deposits with a superior design.

Paste Deposits using Standard Polymer Blades

Paste Deposits using Standard Polymer Blades

This diagram (courtesy of Intergraph Corporation) shows solder deposits made with a standard polymer squeegee. The diagram clearly shows uneven dog-bone deposits resulting from scooping and scavenging.

Paste Deposits using Permalex Blades

Paste Deposits using Permalex Blades

Permalex Edge Metal squeegees eliminate pumping and scavenging improving solder paste deposit quality. The smooth lubricated edge reduces stencil pulling and stretching, improving pad registration and stencil life.

Permalex Edge Metal Squeegees are manufactured and supported with one goal. Absolute perfection. This exceptional standard has enabled our customers around the world to maximize their investments in production equipment and end-user quality. Transition Automation is firmly committed to 100% customer satisfaction. We work closely with our customers to improve their SMT process quality and are supported by an international network of distributors. All of our products carry a no-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee.

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