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PrinTEK Ultra-Fine Pitch Benchtop SMT Stencil Printer

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Transition Automation, Inc.

Transition Automation is a pioneering company which develops and sells advanced Permalex Edge Metal Squeegees for SMT printing, and also precision SMT printing systems.

Tyngsboro, Massachusetts, USA

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment

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PrinTEK Ultra-Fine Pitch Benchtop SMT Stencil Printer Description:

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PrinTEK Benchtop Ultra-Fine Pitch Printer

A highly refined and capable Ultra-Fine Pitch printer suited for all types of Fine Pitch SMT production.

PrinTEK I MP-1818 embodies Transition Automation’s 20+ years of expertise in Fine Pitch SMT printing and squeegee design to give users an unparalleled ease of use and quality result, at a low cost entry point bench-top format. The PrinTEK I achieves this result with several key innovations: A synchronized 4-cam liftoff system, a magnetic array table with locking pin-plates to easily tool up the pc board position, and rugged and accurate 3-dimensional adjustment via precision x, y, and theta anti-backlash adjustment heads. The system can accommodate pc board sizes up to 18 x 18.

The family of printers includes larger sizes which can accommodate 18 x 24, and 24 x 36 (inch) sized pc boards. As an added benefit, users can purchase a Patented Dual Squeegee Gantry head as an option as well as a Dual Video Microscope Alignment system. Both of these aforementioned options are field upgradeable by the user allowing for a low cost entry and scalability as the users production demands increase. The PrinTEK I MP-1818 has a USA List price of $9,950.00 and is available 2-4 Weeks A.R.O.


  • Unique Magnetic Locking Tooling Plates for fast PCB positioning and locking (no tools required)
  • Pure Vertical Liftoff using Precision Needle Bearing Guided Cams
  • Open - easy to view/align/clamp stencil in position
  • Permalex Edge Metal Squequee insures maximum print quality
  • Large print area systems available and field upgradable to semi-automation w/ Vision MP-1818 (18"x18"), MP-1824 (18"x24"), MP-2436 (24"x36")
  • Lightweight and small footprint mean added flexibility and portability in your operation (under 150lbs allows two people to lift and move system easily)

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