Veteran owned business, website sells inspection equipment from Vision Engineering (Mantis Microscope) and Scienscope, Fancort manual assembly equipment, and ultrasonic cleaners from Branson and Crest. Government Discounts.

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Distributors for the printed circuit board industry. We offer the finest in optical ( Mantis ) , video (Scienscope), inspection equipment. We also distribute Fancort assembly fixtures and circuit board racks, as well as Bransonics and Crest tabletop ultrasonic cleaners.

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Veteran owned business,in operation since 1948 in one form or another, currently we distribute capital equipment from multiple websites. Postings

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The most popular SMT Inspection instrument on the market. Unparalleled ease of use, quality of image, and personal comfort. The system of choice for hundreds of electronics manufacturing facilities nationwide....



Ultrasonic cleaning is faster, more consistent, and safer than any other method. Hand scrubbing, soaking, or steam don't even come close. The Bransonic table top cleaners now include the same high power, rugged transducers found on industrial systems...



PCB assembly fixtures and racks...

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