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PCB Assembly Services

PCB Assembly Services


PCB Assembly Services


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Amitron Corporation

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Amitron Corporation

Founded in 1985, Amitron Corporation has grown into one of the largest and most experienced printed circuit board manufacturers in North America. We are world leaders in thermal management technology development.

Elk Grove Village, Illinois, USA

Contract Manufacturer, Inspection, Manufacturer of Bare PCBs, Repair / Rework, Screen Printing

  • Phone 847.290.9800
  • Fax 847.290.9823

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PCB Assembly Services Description:

As one of the largest and most experienced printed circuit board manufacturers around, we take great pride in delivering world-class products and customer service. Our high-quality multilayer, double and single sided PCB are supported by a dedicated staff with experience in all aspects of the PCB industry.

We are ITAR (military registered) compliant, per the US State Department. We are also a certified Minority Supplier, awarded in recognition of our dedication to promoting industry-wide diversity.

PCB Assembly Products offered by Amitron:

Aluminum PCBs - Amitron has been producing aluminum PCBs for over a decade. These substrates are now most widely used in High Brightness LED products.

Multilayer PCBs - Multilayer printed circuit boards were essential in the advancement of modern computing and offer an extensive range of material combinations for many applications.

Copper PCBs - Amitron uses a unique combination of processes in our custom circuit boards allowing extreme copper thickness requirements to become very practical and cost effective.

Single Sided PCBs - Single sided custom PCB’S serve as the most cost effective platform in the industry and overall dominate the world market in sheer piece volume.

Double Sided PCBs - Double sided plated thru circuits are the workhorse of the assembly industry and serve in a nearly limitless array of applications for new and old designs.

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