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A worldwide leader in Automated Optical and X-ray Inspection

Aliso Viejo, California, USA


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Photon Dynamics


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SUPERIOR VISION 7550 � COLOR, HIGH RESOLUTION INSPECTION The Superior Vision (SV) 7550 AOI color system provides the fastest set-up time in Photon Dynamics� product line. Board programming is both simple and intuitive and is typically performed by line operators in less than 30 minutes per board program. It brings value-added automated inspection technology to PWAs at an economical price. The system uses industry proven algorithm technology and high-resolution mega-pixel color cameras to accurately inspect for presence, correct part, polarity, skew, and solder defects, such as missing, insufficient, or excess solder. The SV-7500 AOI system provides reliable identification of critical defects that may not, or cannot, be identified by other inspection or electrical test methods. The SV-7550 AOI system is designed to keep up with even the fastest surface mount technology (SMT) production lines. Digital Signal Processor (DSP) servo-controllers enable a high-speed motion system while providing maximum positional accuracy and repeatability. Color mega-pixel cameras provide an enlarged field of view without sacrificing resolution. The SV-7550 AOI system supports high-volume manufacturing lines at line speed while maintaining maximum defect detection and accuracy.

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