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A worldwide leader in Automated Optical and X-ray Inspection

Aliso Viejo, California, USA


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Photon Dynamics (Acquired by KLA Corporation)


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SUPERIOR VISION 6000 � UNRIVALED SOLDER DEFECT DETECTION The Photon Dynamics Superior Vision (SV) 6000 AOI system delivers comprehensive defect detection. Designed for high-pulse production of large-format, high-density and small component PWAs, the system is capable of inspecting components as small as 0201 and leaded devices with lead pitch as fine as .012 inches (0.30mm). It includes patented, feature-based software that ensures that all visible defect types are detected, including component, lead, and solder defects, as well as random defects not detectable by other technologies. Critical defects, such as insufficient solder and lifted leads that may escape other inspection systems or in-circuit test, are reliably and repeatably detected by the 6000 AOI system. Linear motor stages equipped with sub-micron, glass scale encoders provide a high-speed motion system and sub-pixel repeatability. A high-precision, telecentric optic and patented illumination system, combined with a high-resolution time delayed integration (TDI) line scan camera, provide the image resolution necessary for high-performance applications. The system is SMEMA compatible and are easily installed anywhere in the surface mount technology (SMT) production line, including post-paste, post-placement, post-reflow, and post-wave applications. The adaptive software and intuitive interface have the flexibility to adapt to any inspection requirement or line placement without the need for hardware or software modifications. The SV-6000 AOI system eliminates the need for knowledge of image processing techniques or the use of complex rule-based algorithms. Inspection programs are quickly and easily created by scanning example boards and allowing the patented software to automatically generate features from the scanned images.

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