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Osprey Metals

supplier of low expansion, highly conductive, light-weight, machinable metallic alloys for thermal m


Osprey Metals, a member of the Sandvik group of companies is the world leader in gas atomising technology. This process has been used to develop a novel family of Si-Al alloys that combine a low CTE (controllable between 5 and 11ppm/K), with good conductivity (>130 W/mK) and low density (<2.5gm/cc). The alloys are machinable using conventional techniques and can be plated in the same way as Al. The CTE of the alloys is constant with temperature.

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Si-Al alloy with a CTE of 6.7ppm/C. This can be supplied as plate or block, or machined and plated to a finished component. Used in satellite microwave packages, avionics, PCIMs etc....


As above with a CTE of 9ppm/C...


As above with a CTE of 11ppm/C. More robust material that is used for structural applications, housings etc....

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