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Ceramic Coaxial Resonators

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TUSONIX offers a broad line of EMI/RFI Filters, Surface Mount EMI Filters, Variable Trimmer Capacitors, Filtered Terminal Blocks, Custom EMI Filter Plate Assemblies and Ceramic Disc Capacitors.

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Ceramic Coaxial Resonators

Ceramic Coaxial Resonators


Ceramic Coaxial Resonators



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Tusonix' Ceramic Coaxial Resonators are offered in four sizes and four dielectric constants with a frequency range from 800MHz to 5.9GHz. Please inquire about different sizes with your local sales associate. To ensure superior performance and adequate miniaturization, these parts are made of quality metalized ceramics. Tusonix offers the best ceramic composition in order to meet all necessary temperature performance, shielding and miniaturization requirements for an endless number of applications.


Popular applications include Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCOs), Coaxial Resonator Oscillators (CROs), Bandpass Filters, Wireless Devices and Duplexers.

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