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WEECONS® Ceramic Capacitors

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TUSONIX offers a broad line of EMI/RFI Filters, Surface Mount EMI Filters, Variable Trimmer Capacitors, Filtered Terminal Blocks, Custom EMI Filter Plate Assemblies and Ceramic Disc Capacitors.

Tucson, Arizona, USA


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WEECONS® Ceramic Capacitors

WEECONS® Ceramic Capacitors


WEECONS® Ceramic Capacitors



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WEECONS® Ceramic Capacitors have long been the standard of the industry, and offer the broadest selection of available ceramic formulations and package sizes. With a capacitance range of 1 pF to .082 mF, WEECON® capacitors offer a variety of TC materials and tolerances. The range of temperature characteristics available, make the WEECON® suitable for the ultra stable requirements of tuned circuits to the general purpose needs for coupling and bypassing. Encapsulated with a hard, bright polymeric coating, these capacitors are formulated to provide mechanical protection under normal environmental conditions.

General Capacitor specifications are as follows:

  • Available in 25, 50, 100 and 500 Volt.
  • Thickness from .100 to .175 (depends on voltage)
  • Square sizes from (.100" X .100") to (.600" X .600")
  • Operates efficiently at -55° to 125°.

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