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Surface Mount EMI Pi Filters

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TUSONIX offers a broad line of EMI/RFI Filters, Surface Mount EMI Filters, Variable Trimmer Capacitors, Filtered Terminal Blocks, Custom EMI Filter Plate Assemblies and Ceramic Disc Capacitors.

Tucson, Arizona, USA


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Surface Mount EMI Pi Filters

Surface Mount EMI Pi Filters


Surface Mount EMI Pi Filters



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EMI/RFI Surface Mount π & C Filters for SMT Applications

The TUSONIX 4700 Series Pi Filters are used where cost and space savings have priority and improved insertion loss is required.

The filter's unique design makes it suitable for common production soldering processes.

TUSONIX's state-of-the-art manufacturing process results in excellent electrical and mechanical performance. The square or round body allows easy handling, positioning and soldering onto the PCB. The 4700 Series is another cost effective, quality product from TUSONIX.


  • Excellent Performance
  • Easy Placement
  • Excellent Solderability
  • Reduces PCB Component Count

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