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Opto-Mechanical Product Design Services

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Since 1958, Vision Engineering has become one of the world's most innovative and dynamic microscope manufacturers, with offices across North America, Europe and Asia, as well as a fully trained global distribution network.

New Milford, Connecticut, USA

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Opto-Mechanical Product Design Services

Opto-Mechanical Product Design Services


Opto-Mechanical Product Design Services


Design Services

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Vision Engineering Inc.


Opto-Mechanical Product Design Services Description:

Vision Engineering Manufacturing Service's (VEMS) design team specialize in opto-mechanical, mechanical and electro-mechanical design, styling and packaging. Our staff are highly experienced in all aspects of design for manufacture, utilizing a range of manufacturing processes.

The team has over 100 years of collective experience designing high tech and ergonomically sophisticated products and instrumentation, designing for manufacturing in batch sizes varying from one to several thousand, both for ourselves and other brand products.

In-house rapid prototype facilities include Rapid Fused Deposition Modeling, Lens Grinding, Tool Room and Paint Shop.

Skills and experience in:
  • Optical Element and system design
  • Mechanical
  • Electronic
  • Instrumentation
  • Styling

Using a broad range of processes such as:

  • Castings (sand, gravity, investment and pressure die)
  • Plastics (forming, injection and compression moulding)
  • Pressing / stamping
  • Precision

Rapid Prototyping Facilities:

  • Rapid Fused Deposition Modeling
  • Lens Grinding
  • Tool Room
  • Paint Shop

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