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Optoelectronics Adhesives

Optoelectronics Adhesives

Optoelectronics Adhesives


Optoelectronics Adhesives



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Zymet, Inc

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Zymet, Inc

Founded in 1986, Zymet is a manufacturer of adhesives and encapsulants used in electronics and microelectronics assembly.

E. Hanover, New Jersey, USA

Adhesives/Dispensing, Manufacturer of Assembly Material, Repair/Rework

  • Phone (973)428-5245
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Optoelectronics Adhesives Description:

Zymet's optoelectronics adhesives are designed for applications such as fiber assembly, connector or ferrule assembly, VCSEL assembly, Bragg Grating assembly, and many others.

The adhesives offer the following features:

  • One component, syringe dispensable systems
  • Excellent adhesion to fused quartz, glass, ceramics, and metals
  • Resistance to heat and humidity to meet or surpass Bellcore requirements
  • Thermal or UV curing in 10 seconds or less.

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