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KVMS was founded in 1999. The company buys and sells WORLDWIDE used and new SMT Production equipment.KVMS deals with the following manufacturers: YAMAHA Assembleon DEK SMT-Wertheim SEHO Nordson Nutek CyberOPTICS Marantz.

Turnhout, Belgium

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EVS Solder Recovery Machines

EVS Solder Recovery Machines


EVS Solder Recovery Machines


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KVMS SMT Equipment Services Supplies


EVS Solder Recovery Machines Description:

Since May 2011 KVMS is the official agent for all EVS Solder Recovery Systems in the Benelux.

Solder Recovery System Turns Dross into Dollars.

The new EVS 1000, 7000 and 9000 Solder Recovery Systems recover on average 50-70% of Solder from your Dross. Rapid Payback is often achieved on purchase price within months.Self contained process avoids excessive handling of heavy, dirty, contaminated solder dross. Reduces storage and halves de-drossing time. Speeds up wave downtime as EVS Solder Recovery System enables you to dedross faster and more efficiently.

New Advanced Design

Designed & Manufactured by EVS International. The new EVS represents a quantum leap forward in the processing of solder dross. Its sleek lines confirm its streamlined systems, advanced electronic controls and integrated diagnostics. Extensive feedback from the market has enabled EVS International to offer a machine that satisfies the high standards required from a modern manufacturing environment particularly with regard to reliability, ease of operation, maintenance and environmental management.

Capacities from 5kg/11lbs, 10kg/20lbs to 20kg/44lbs

Offering capacities of 5kg/11lbs (EVS 1000), 10kg/20lbs (EVS 7000) or up to 20kg/44lbs (EVS 9000) the new EVS has (in most cases) the facility for single operation dedrossing of even the largest wave soldering machines. Its large integrated hopper makes rapid transfer of dross both simpler and safer and speeds up De-drossing time by up to 50%.

Lead and Lead Free:

Each model of EVS Solder Recovery System has a Lead and Lead Free version. EVS 1000, EVS 1000LF, EVS7000, EVS7000LF, EVS9000 and EVS9000LF.

Unique Patented System

The process used by the new EVS is unique to EVS International. and protected world-wide by established and pending patents. Simple in concept but revolutionary in its effect it breaks new ground in the efficient regeneration of waste in a shop floor environment.

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