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Specialty materials for SMT Assembly. Solder Paste, Spheres, Tac Fluxes, Flip Chip Fluxes, Solder wi

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*SPECIALTY SOLDER PRODUCTS: - Solder Paste : No-Clean & Water Wash - Solder spheres down to .003" diameter. - Fluxes: Tacflux and Flip Chip for BGAs - Solder preforms, wire, ribbon . . * FLAKE & POWDERS- Ag, Cu, AgPd, Pt for: - Die-attach adhesives - Thermally conductive adhesives - Thick film inks - Capacitor Inks (MLCCs, tantalum,...) . *CERAMIC & GLASS SEALING ALLOYS: - Low Expansion Alloys(Kovar,Invar,Alloy42) - Nickel 200, 201, 233,... - Shielding Alloys (HyMu80, Alloy48,...) - Chem-Milling grade in sheet. - Rod and plate for machining. . *THERMAL MANAGEMENT MATERIALS: - Copper Moly clad and corelay . *COLD HEADED PINS FOR SEMICONDUCTOR PACKAGES: . *GOLD & ALUMINUM BONDWIRE . *CLAD METALS . *REEL-TO-REEL PLATING: -Wire bondable Gold and Silver -Selective and spot plating -Palladium, Palladium-Nickel, ... . *REEL-TO-REEL INSERT MOLDING . *PRECIOUS METALS IN STRIP, RIBBON & WIRE: - Paliney alloys, Gold, Platinum alloys,...

DERINGER MFG CO. Cold headed pins for semiconductor devices. . . POLYMETALLURGICAL Copper-Moly Corelay & Clad metals for Thermal Management, Heatsinks, substrates and IC package Lids. Gold & Aluminum Bondwire . . COPPERWELD/METALLON Clad metals for Leadframes & electronic components.

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Rick Campo is a Metallurgical Engineer prepared to address specific material questions and requirments.

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Specialty Solder Products for SMT Assembly- Solder Paste (No-Clean, Water Wash), Solder Spheres, Fluxes, Preforms, Wire, Ribbon....


Flake & Powders for die-Attach adhesives and thick film inks. (Silver, Copper, Silver-Palladium, Platinum)...


Ceramic & Glass to Metal Sealing Alloys in Strip/Coil, Sheet, Rod & Plate. Kovar, Invar, Alloy42,......


Reel-to-reel plating; Wire bondable Gold, Silver, Copper, Nickel,......

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