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6000 - Automatic Stencil & Pallet Cleaner

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Our Ultrasonic Stencil cleaners and 440-R-SMT Detergent are US & CA EPA Certified cleaners, that are environmentally and user safe. We are your single source for cleaning any type of solder paste from any fine pitch stencil.

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

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6000 - Automatic Stencil & Pallet Cleaner

6000 - Automatic Stencil & Pallet Cleaner


6000 - Automatic Stencil & Pallet Cleaner


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Smart Sonic Stencil Cleaning Systems


6000 - Automatic Stencil & Pallet Cleaner Description:

The most advanced ultrasonic stencil cleaning system!

  • Clean solder paste, adhesives and flux residue in one machine
  • Easy loading / unloading only 39" H
  • Uses less chemistry
  • Generates less wastewater
  • Increased ultrasonic cleaning efficiency
  • Energy efficient ambient cleaning
  • Guaranteed to clean any solder paste from any fine-pitch stencil
  • Wash, rinse and dry in less than 4 minutes
  • Touch screen controller stores multiple programmable profiles
  • Built-in drying rack
  • Meets ISO 14000 and MP&M guidelines
  • Compatible with all ultrasonic cleaning chemistries*
  • Easy maintenance
  • Acomplete process from one source!

Fully automatic with precise PLC-drivenmechanical stencil lift and transport system.

The Model 6000 is designed for the SMT assembler requiring high quality, full automation, EPA compliance, flexibility and guaranteed performance. The Model 6000 enhances the technology of its predecessor, the Model 5000 in several ways. The overall profile is shorter to facilitate easy loading and unloading at a height of only 39-inches (99 cm). The wash tank capacity is only 34-gallons which reduces wastewater and chemistry consumption by 40%, while increasing ultrasonic cleaning efficiency by 40%. The modular tank design allows the purchase of the standard Model 6000 for cleaning a single application such as stencils. Or, configure the machine for cleaning multiple applications by adding a second ultrasonic wash tank for cleaning such items as pallets, oven radiators, SMT adhesives, etc. The optional second ultrasonic tank could also be used as a dedicated rinse for ultrasonic rinsing of misprinted populated PCB’s.

The Model 6000 comes standard with a built-in drying rack to allow stencils to dry naturally without dripping water in the work area. A low-pressure Dry Air Gun is available to expedite drying when necessary. While it is recommended that stencils dry naturally to conserve energy and prevent potential heat-induced damage, the Model 6000 is also available with an optional Low-Temperature Dryer to automatically dry stencils and other items.

Operation of the Model 6000 could not be easier. The operator simply places the stencil in the carrier basket and selects one of the preprogrammed cleaning profiles on the touch-screen controller. The stencil is automatically carried throughout the individual cleaning steps. The wash cycle for cleaning solder paste is usually only one or two minutes. The stencil is then indexed to the rinse tank where low-pressure water sprays rinse the stencil (5-10 seconds is all that is required). The stencil then waits over the rinse tank until the operator presses the load/unload button to return the stencil to the original position. When using the optional low-pressure dry air gun to expedite drying, a 29-inch stencil can be washed, rinsed and dried in approximately 4 minutes! There is no faster or safer way to clean a stencil.



Overall Dimensions

64" x 54" x 55" (Lid Closed), 90"H (Lid Raised)

Loading Height (Standard unit)


Wash Tank Dimensions

7.5" x 33" x 30" H

Wash Tank Capacity

34 gallons (129 liters)

Optional Second Wash Tank

Sized to meet requirements-consult factory

Maximum Stencil Size

29" x 29" (750mm x 750mm)

Typical Wash/Rinse Cycle Time

1-2 Minutes (solder paste)

Programmable Cycle Profiles

4 Std. (6 with Second Wash Tank or Dryer Options)


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