Wave Solder Optimizer and Optimizer Reflow Module

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SWPC Ltd. is the manufacturer of the innovative Wave Solder Optimizer and the Optimizer Reflow Module. The Wave Solder Optimizer is the only device that accurately measures the critical parameters at the heart of the wave solder process: the direct interaction of the board with the wave. It is also the only device suitable for daily thermal profiles. The Optimizer Reflow Module is your innovative, cost-effective thermal profiler. Raise your quality expectations.

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Wave Solder Optimizer

provides comprehensive data on parameters that determine your board quality:board-wave data and temperature data. All data is obtained by a single run through your wave solder machine and presented on the Optimizer display. The data can be downloaded...

Optimizer Reflow Module

stores in its memory 4 runs of thermal profiling. The data is viewed instantly on display right at the oven,in a summary table, full range graphs and sizable peak area graphs.Its software allows you to store the data and perform data analysis. ...

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