Testel Systems Corporation

Test fixtures for fine pitch applications to 6 mils center to center spacing.

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment

Testel Systems manufactures mechanical test fixtures for fine pitch applications. Our fixture designs permit contacting 4 mil pads on 8 mil centers using spring contact probes. Our fixtures mate to virtually any board tester including testers manufactured by Agilent, GenRad, and teradyne. Custom applications for probing fine pitch flex circuits, ceramic substrates, and circuit boards are our specialty.

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Jupiter Series Test Fixture

The Jupiter fixture is designed to provide precise bed-of-nails contact, in a production test environment. The unit can be configured for simultaneous top and bottom probing. Accuracy and repeatability are assured by the use of precision linear bea...

Mercury Series Test Fixture

The Mercury series fixtures have been used for many years in a wide variety of difficult test applications. The bottom cabinet permits the installation of additional components that may be required for special applications....

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