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Nu/Clean Aqueous Inline PCB Cleaners

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For over 60 years we've been providing the SMT industry with PCB cleaning technology including our award winning Nu/Clean Inline and Batch Aqueous Cleaning Systems, Nu/Clean DI systems, and Nu/Era Wave Soldering Machine.

Torrance, California, USA


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Nu/Clean Aqueous Inline PCB Cleaners

Nu/Clean Aqueous Inline PCB Cleaners


Nu/Clean Aqueous Inline PCB Cleaners


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Technical Devices Company


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The Nu/Clean Inline Aqueous Cleaners have been leading the industry for decades!  The Nu/Clean Inline cleaners feature such innovations as our award winning and patented Flood Box that provides the best cleaning results for low standoff components and high density boards.  All of our cleaners are backed by our outstanding service and support.

Nu/Clean Galaxy - our newly redesigned Galaxy line offers water only inline cleaning in a small and economical package.  This is perfect for customers running cleaning processes that are water only and desire a closed loop cleaning package.  From 9' to 15' and with many wash, rinse, and drying configurations to choose, from the Galaxy is a terrific choice.

Nu/Clean 300 & 800 Series - these two models offer excellent results for cleaning processes needing chemisty.  These both provide plenty of isolation space (either wet or dry) to prevent cross contamination.  With up to 3 powerful pumps and 3 efficient blowers, the cleaning, rinsing, and drying capabilites of these cleaners with surpass most requirements for cleaning.  The wash and rinse sections can be customized with nozzle selections, operating temperature, and water flow to meet your product needs.  And all of these can be changed on the touch screen controls with just a selection of new recipe.  These cleaners can also be completely closed loop to recycle as much water as possible and reduce waste disposal.

Nu/Clean Flood Box - available on the 300 and 800 series cleaners.  The award winning Flood Box uses an agitated soaking stage as part of the inline wash system to effectively soak and remove residues from under and in between components - no matter how small the clearance.  Along with the traditional spray in air also incoporated into these machine, the Flood Box has been shown in several studies to be the best cleaning method available today.  The advanced design of the wash section also reduces the amount of chemistry needed to clean - this can save you tremedous amounts of money on chemistry costs!

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