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Nu/Clean Aqua Batch Aqueous Batch PCB Cleaners

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For over 60 years we've been providing the SMT industry with PCB cleaning technology including our award winning Nu/Clean Inline and Batch Aqueous Cleaning Systems, Nu/Clean DI systems, and Nu/Era Wave Soldering Machine.

Torrance, California, USA


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Nu/Clean Aqua Batch Aqueous Batch PCB Cleaners

Nu/Clean Aqua Batch Aqueous Batch PCB Cleaners


Nu/Clean Aqua Batch Aqueous Batch PCB Cleaners


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Nu/Clean Aqua Batch Aqueous Batch PCB Cleaners Description:

Ideal for printed circuit boards, semiconductors, subassemblies and process tooling, the Aqua Batch brings flexible, unparalleled cleaning performance to the batch process.

The Aqua Batch is a quiet, efficient batch cleaning system designed to remove all types of electronic assembly residues including, but not limited to:  water soluble, RMA, no-clean and lead-free soldering fluxes; plating salts, finger soils, dust and loose solder balls.  Performance advantages come from high energy coherent jet technology spray manifolds which deliver up to 5X more cleaning pressure than other nozzles.  Almost unlimited definable recipes allow selection of either a 100% water-based cleaning process or a chemical/water process with selectable additions of steam cycles or rinse aids to improve the efficiency of the cleaning process. 

Aqua Batch is constructed from a laboratory grade stainless-steel process chamber within a chemical resistant polpypro cabinet.  It features a large touchscreen with robust, yet intuitively easy to use software.  The Aqua Batch allows you to monitor and control every aspect of the cleaning cycle.  The Windows CE based software lets you gather useful data for process control and reporting requirements.

An automatic cleanliness tester is a standard feature that regulates rinsing to a programmable cleanliness level through the use of a built-in DI water resistivity monitor.  The cleanliness monitor checks DI rinse resistivity and continues to rinse until desired cleanliness is met.

The Aqua Batch has programmable wash and rinse temperature settings up to 93 C (199 F) to soften and dissolve even the toughest organic and ionic residues.  The “fast dry” heated, forced convection dryer provides strong drying performance and keeps the assemblies dust-free following the cleaning process.


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