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Dry Film Solder Mask

Dry Film Solder Mask

Dry Film Solder Mask


Dry Film Solder Mask


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SolderMask Inc.

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SolderMask Inc.

Manufacturer of Laser Cut & Chemical Etched Stencils.

Huntington Beach, California, USA

Manufacturer of Assembly Material, Soldering

  • Phone 714-842-1987
  • Fax 714-847-0244

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Dry Film Solder Mask Description:

Dry Film Solder Application

SolderMask, Inc. continues to apply Dry Film Solder Mask (DFSM) on Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) since opening for business in 1985.

SolderMask, Inc. works with all DFSM available in the United States. Some of the DFSM materials are available only upon special order. Please contact us for more details.

Here is a current listing of all available dry film solder masks:

  • Dupont VACREL 8100 Available in 3 mil & 4 mil
  • Dupont Flexible PhotoImageable Coverlay (PIC) 1000 & 2000
  • Rohm and Haas (Dynachem) DynaMASK 5000 Available in 3 mil & 4 mil
  • Rohm and Haas ConforMASK 2500 Available in 1.5 mil & 2.3 mil

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