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Process Sciences, Inc.

SMT & PCBA Laboratory Services, X-ray inspection, BGA rework, BGA Reballing, Solder Failure Analysis, SMT Assembly Process Validation, SMT Assembly Process Training & Consulting.

Leander, Texas, USA

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BGA Reballing Services

BGA Reballing Services


BGA Reballing Services


Rework & Repair Equipment

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Process Sciences, Inc.

BGA Reballing Services Description:

Visit PSI's main BGA Reballing Services page for more information.

PSI has over 20 years experience reballing BGA devices of every size, pitch, and package style:

  • micro-BGAs <1mm size, up to massive MBGAs with 2800 i/o
  • Alloy conversion from Sn/Pb to Pb-free, or Pb-free to Sn/Pb
  • Reclaim and reball BGAs from scrap assemblies
  • Pitches from 0.4mm up to 1.27mm
  • BGA connectors up to 400-pin
  • Sphere attach to interposers and custom substrates

PSI delivers consistent quality, low cost, and top notch service. Moisture removal bakeout is standard, floors and workspaces are ESD safe, and technicians are grounded. Processes are carefully monitored, and all work is 100% visually inspected. Parts can be marked with gold or green dot, or UV marker, or not at all. Orders are typically dry packed for return shipment. 

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