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Ionic Cleanliness Testing

Ionic Cleanliness Testing


Ionic Cleanliness Testing


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Process Sciences, Inc.

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Visit our main Ion Chromatography page for more information.

Ion Chromatography analysis (IC) is an essential tool for both failure analysis and process validation. PSI uses IC to investigate surface contamination and measure ionic cleanliness of finished assemblies. Common ionic contaminants, such as flux residues, fingerprints, debris, or electroplating solutions can be detrimental to the yield and reliability of electronic circuit assemblies. Moisture, electricity, and heat interact with these ions to cause dendritic metal migration, and eventually shorts and/or corrosion. Cleanliness testing using ion chromatography ensures your boards are getting a clean start.

Process Sciences uses a modular Dionex IC system made by Thermo Scientific. Our system features an RG-40 reagent-free eluent system, and two detectors, models Ultimate 3000 (UV absorption) and ED-40 (electrochemical.) Our system can be calibrated for both common anions such as fluorides, chlorides, bromides, nitrates, sulphates, and phosphates, and cations like sodium, potassium, calcium, silver, aluminum, etc.

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