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Air-Dielectric Variable Capacitors.

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OEP is the largest domestic manufacturer of air-dielectric variable capacitors. We also manufacture precision screw machine products, CNC machined products, custom sub-assemblies, variable inductors, and planetary reduction drives

Edgerton, Ohio, USA


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Air-Dielectric Variable Capacitors.

Air-Dielectric Variable Capacitors.


Air-Dielectric Variable Capacitors.



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Oren Elliott Products, Inc.


Air-Dielectric Variable Capacitors. Description:

OEP's Air-Dielectric Variable Capacitors work on the principle of two oppositely-charged intermeshing banks of plates; capacitance varies when the shaft is rotated, varying the degree to which the two banks "shade" one another. Applications of our capacitors are myriad: They include everything from plasma etching and deposition equipment to crystal radios. All of these applications share a few common traits, however: They require a capacitor capable of virtually instantaneous tuning, with high Q and low loss at high frequencies.

The family of configurations represented by the M73, M90, and M97 consists of large, high-quality units, overbuilt in terms of physical and electrical durability. The Air-Dielectric Variable Capacitors are used in applications that require a high maximum voltage, large capacitance, and durability. A typical application is in RF matching networks; M73s are generally used in pi networks, while M90s and m97s can often be used to replace vacuum variables in L networks. Each of these configurations lends itself well to customization and can be economically produced in small or large quantities.

The M73, M97, and M90 configurations can be fitted with three types of high-amperage wiping contacts: The strap contact, the high-current (silver brush) contact, and the high-current (beryllium copper) contact. In some cases, capacitors can be fitted with two high-amperage contacts, one at each end, doubling the amperage rating of the capacitor. The choice of wiping contact depends upon the anticipated current load and desired life cycle.

The APL, APC, and ATM are small capacitors built around a ceramic insulator. They are much smaller and more economical than the M73, especially in large quantities, and are used in RF tuning equipment where loss and Q are critical. The N50, S2, and S3 are built into a C-shaped frame with ball bearings, and are used in applications that require an economical price in large quantities, high capacitance in confined spaces, and special relationships between rotation and capacitance.

OEP also manufactures custom capacitors; we can design a capacitor to meet a specific set of performance criteria, or we can manufacture a capacitor to a customer's design spec. Custom capacitors that we've manufactured include (but aren't limited to) screw-type trimmer caps with air and Teflon dielectrics, and several modifications of our own capacitors with special mounting features, drive units, hybrid designs incorporating other elements of the customer's design (like pc boards or inductors) into the structure of the capacitor itself, or modifications that replace the air dielectric in a variable cap with Teflon©, paralene, pressurized gas, or oil.

Oren Elliot's Capacitors:

ATM/APC/APL Capacitors

ATM/APC/APL Capacitors.

High quality ceramic capacitors. These air trimmers are durable and rugged enough to be used in a variety of demanding military applications. These caps combine low price, high max voltages, large capacitances and low leakage.

N50/S2/S3 Capacitors

N50/S2/S3 Capacitors.

OEP's line of compact, rugged, economical condensor configurations; used in a wide variety of low-voltage applications. Used in operator-controlled tuning applications such as crystal radios, AM Radio bands, etc.


M73/M90/M97 Capacitors.

High-voltage, heavy-wattage, continuous duty capacitors. Insulated between the rotor and stator with 1/4" thick, high-quality, military-spec ceramics. These caps perform well in short-wave radio, controlled-plasma manufacturing and magnetic reconance imagery applications.

Custom Capacitors

Custom Capacitors.

OEP has the ability to manufacture sub-componentse in-house which enables us to produce highly customized assemblies at low-cost and with a short lead-time.

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