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Mydata MY500 SMT Jet Printer

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Mycronic, formerly MYDATA, is the key manufacturer of assembly machine for electronics. Our product portfolio contains Pick&Place machines, Jet-printing machines and component storage towers.

Täby, Sweden


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Mydata MY500 SMT Jet Printer

Mydata MY500 SMT Jet Printer


Mydata MY500 SMT Jet Printer



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Mycronic Technologies AB


Mydata MY500 SMT Jet Printer Description:

Jet printing for high mix production

The MY500 Jet Printer is a breakthrough innovation. Well proven on five continents, it shoots solder paste on the fly at split-second speeds while moving above the board. The MY500 is designed to keep pace with a pick-and-place line rated at 30,000 cph. It is capable of applying a wide range of leaded and lead-free solder pastes as well as Surface Mount Adhesives (SMA).

Key benefits

  • 30 000 cph equivalent
  • Preparing a new job in minutes
  • Optimizing paste volumes for each solder joint
  • Quick last-minute revisions
  • No cleaning or manual adjustments
  • POP and 3D capability

Unparallelled response time

Jet printing is a lean technology as it is completely software driven and contact-free. A new job is programmed offline and sent automatically to the machine. With jet printing, you can take a customer's order in the morning and deliver finished boards in the afternoon. Read more...

Ensuring solder joint quality

Solder joint quality is a key factor in ensuring the final quality of any printed circuit board assembly. Jet printing provides full control over each and every solder deposit - you can easily fine-tune the volume, position, area coverage and height of solder paste for each individual pad, component or package on the pcb. This allows for optimized solder paste deposits on even the most complex and densely populated boards.

Supporting increasing complexity

With optimized solder paste volumes, jet printing can easily and reliably handle challenging components such as QFNs, package-on package (POP) and pin-in-paste components. At the same time, it also opens up new design opportunities, such as using board cavities in order to reduce final assembly height.

The trend in the SMT industry toward miniaturized packages and complex board designs with higher component density move away from the traditional strengths of screen printing technology. A fact recently reinforced in a report from the International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI), which stated, “Screen printing is reaching its limits when it comes to mixing technologies on a board.”

An ability to handle challenging packages means that jet printing is ideally suited also as an add-on technology, depositing solder paste onto previously screen-printed boards in higher-volume production environments.

Key Features

  • Individual deposit programming - optimizing quality for every solder joint
  • Quick mode programming - automatch
  • Handling multi-level boards - editable jetting height
  • Automatic board stretch and board warpage compensation
  • Bad board mark handling
  • Automatic verification of paste type and due date
  • CAD / Gerber import, all common formats
  • On-the-spot revisions
  • No stencils required
  • Automatic conveyor width adjustment
  • Low paste waste
  • Closed system for solder paste - clean process
  • Operator independent quality

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