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placement machines range from the full-featured, entry level priced, 96 feeder MY9 to the high mix, high volume, 240 feeder MY19. Mydata is famous for flexibility, high mix, ease-of-use, and fast programming yet can place up to 21,000 CPH with the 8 nozzle Hydra head and provides 0.15 micron accuracy at 3 Sigma for fine pitch placements! The award-winning Agilis feeders allow 10 second component reel load and unload into 8mm, 12mm, and 16mm tape feeders! Mydata offers both single machine and multiple machine/conveyor solutions. Since one Mydata machine can place the full range of components from 0201 discrete devices to fine pitch QFP, BGA, and flip chips it eliminates the need for a chip placer and a flexible placer. If high volume and/or ultra-high feeder count is required Mydata Synergy Performance Packages provide cost saving, in-line, 2 machine solutions including conveyors with a range of 13,000 CPH to 42,000 CPH placements. MYDATA offers refurbished placement machines and feeders at broker/auction prices with a 6 month warranty plus 1 week of installation and training at no charge!

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