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Laser Cut SMT Stencils with Re-usable ACCUFRAME

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Complete turnkey jobs from PCB design, Fabrication, Laser cut SMT stencil, PCB assembly (SMT and through hole), Cable assembly and wire harness, Membrane switches, Name-plates and graphical overlays, all under one umbrella!

Nutley, New Jersey, USA

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Laser Cut SMT Stencils with Re-usable ACCUFRAME

Laser Cut SMT Stencils with Re-usable ACCUFRAME


Laser Cut SMT Stencils with Re-usable ACCUFRAME


Solder Paste Stencils

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PNC Inc.


Laser Cut SMT Stencils with Re-usable ACCUFRAME Description:

PNC Inc. uses LPKF Laser Technology to manufacture SMT Solder paste stencil, high tolerance aperture openings with superior registration for it’s solder paste stencils. With it’s 4 mil beam diameter, our Laser is capable of cutting small aperture openings to meet your size requirements. Trapezoidal apertures (Typically 1 to 2 mil Trap depending on foil thickness) can also be achieved to optimize paste release.


PNC Inc., the manufacturer of high quality SMT PC Boards also produces LASER CUT Solder Paste SMT STENCILS. To make laser cut stencils affordable, PNC Inc. has developed a unique frame which is "Re-Usable" called "ACCUFRAME®" (TradeMark # 2426024, Patent# 5983790). By eliminating the secondary mounting process of the conventional stencil, a laser cut stencil can now be priced competitively with chem. etch technology. As emerging technologies in the electronics field grow, additional time constraints need to be addressed. PNC Inc. now offers a quality turnkey package which includes your PCB and stencil.

Our Patented re-usable Solder Paste Stencil uses spring loaded technology to emulate a traditional mesh mount stencil. It’s design also makes for a quick stencil change over. Each solder paste stencil is shipped with a rigged envelope for storage. Our Accuframe® Solder Paste Stencil allows for minimal storage space and cost savings in shipping.

Traditional Mesh Mount Stencils

PNC Inc. offers an array of Traditional SMT Stencils, from Tubular to Cast Aluminum frames. We stock both frame styles in various common sizes to meet your delivery times. Some of the most common SMT Stencil sizes are 10x10, 12x12, 14x14, 15x15, 12x17, 20x20 and 29x29. All frames except 29x29 have ¼-20 threaded holes in all four corners. Please contact us for custom frame sizes.

SMT Stencil Design

PNC Inc. uses multiple CAM Stations to expedite your solder paste stencils. Our CAM stations can read in HPGL, DXF, AutoCad and Gerber. This flexibility allows us to design the solder paste stencil to your required specifications. Our designers can edit pad sizes and create custom pads to eliminate manufacturability issues such as solder balling and bridging. PNC Inc.’s design Team can also create glue dot stencils from your original paste files for wave solder applications. If your Board design does not include a paste file, we can extract the SMT parts from the Copper/solder side to produce a past layer.

Foil Thicknesses and Material

We use PHD and 304SS foils when manufacturing our Solder Paste Stencils. PNC Inc. stocks foil in the following thicknesses, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10 mil. Other thicknesses and foil materials, such as Invar, are available per customer request.

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