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Complete turnkey jobs from PCB design, Fabrication, Laser cut SMT stencil, PCB assembly (SMT and through hole), Cable assembly and wire harness, Membrane switches, Name-plates and graphical overlays, all under one umbrella!

Nutley, New Jersey, USA

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PCB Enclosures

PCB Enclosures


PCB Enclosures


Board Handling - Storage

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PNC Inc.


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Sheet Metal and Plastic Injection Molded Enclosures.

The majority of the assembled PC boards require some kind of enclosures that house them for safety as well as to provide interconnects with other boards, sensors, cable assemblies, power supplies, fuse blocks etc. Traditionally two types of housings are used in Electronic Industry, Sheet Metal Enclosures or Plastic Injection Molded Enclosures. PNC offers both types of Enclosures made to your specifications with custom color matching and precision silk screening.

If you do not have any artwork and need assistance we will design the parts for you to meet your requirements. Here at PNC, we use industry standard Solid Works program to design the enclosures.

PNC Inc. also offers Sheet Metal Fabrication services for other sheet metal products such as card cages, panels, Heat Sinks, Frames, FixturesCovers, Clips, Clamps, Chassis, Base plates, rails, mounting plates and support brakets etc.

For Sheet Metal Products we offer various materials such as Stainless Steel, Steel, Copper, & Brass, Aluminum, Spring Steel, titanium, inconel. For final finish we offer Powder Coating, Anodizing or Paint with color matching and blending to any specification.

PNC Inc. also makes all types of supporting plastic items by injection molding. Plastic molded parts are made from ABS or Polycarbonate material.

All Sheet Metal and Plastic Injection molding work is done at our partner companies in China.We have vendor approval and quality control plan in place.

We make samples for your review and approval.

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